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Freda G. Sampson

MRDI Consultant

Conference Organizer

Freda G. Sampson has significant experience in corporate, non‐profit and entrepreneurial sects. She is an extremely capable and competent professional, with a commitment towards bridging racial and cultural divisions through community engagement, advocacy, and organizational development. Her skill set is diversity & inclusion, cultural competency training, project development and implementation.   She has operated in leadership positions in corporate settings implementing DEI organization wide.  Freda has had significant engagement with community as manager for Michigan Roundtable for Diversity and Inclusion where she designed and led multiple initiatives that dealt with racial equity in Metropolitan Detroit and the surrounding region.  Freda’s entrepreneurial ventures have included owning several coffee houses in midtown Detroit.

Ms. Sampson has a Masters of Fine Arts from the University of Michigan, a Bachelor of Arts in Communication from Tennessee State University and an Associate of Arts Degree from Brooks School of Design in Long Beach, CA.   In 2016 she received her certification as a qualified administrator for the Intercultural Development

Inventory.  Her professional development has ranged from leadership courses with New Detroit’s Multicultural Leadership Program, Harvard University School of Divinity Leadership Program, Leadership Detroit, Class XXXIII, and University of Michigan’s Worldview Seminar on World religions. Freda has been featured in numerous local and national publications and is a published author with several new projects in the works. She is also the Executive Director for the Frederick G. Sampson Foundation and serves on a number of community and non-profit boards.